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Fitness Group

Hello All - 
Tom Cunnally, one of our residents is looking to start a Fitness Club. He is an ex marine who still thoroughly enjoys fitness and a healthy lifestyle. He can assist you in using the gym equipment and/or starting a fitness program that includes both cardio exercise and/or weight training. If you are simply looking for a work out partner he is your man!
If there is enough interest he would consider being at the Putnam Village fitness center every Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 8AM to 10AM. You don't have to go for two hours and can decide what time during those hours works for you. 
Please call Tom for additional information - Home (774) 215-5593 Cell (650) 336-3556

NOTE: There is no fee for this group. Tom is volunteering his time and knowledge. Only current residents of Mayfair Properties are allowed to use the fitness center.

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